A downloadable game for Windows

Virtus Community Game Jam Winner September 2017

What seems to be a standard action platformer soon turns into a non-chronological nightmare as the player jumps through fragments of the game seemingly at random.

The player must complete objectives to make their way to the end and reset the strange time shifts that plague the game.

The game is unfinished but the intent can be seen through the game play and style.

Development Team:

(https://itch.io/profile/corobi) Corobi - Programming

(https://itch.io/profile/jimbob-riber) Jimbob_Riber - Design, Level Design, Programming, Asset Creation

(https://dast-.itch.io/) Dast_ - Design, Asset Modelling, Voice Acting, Music and FX

(https://itch.io/profile/grandtheftex) GrandTheftEx - Design, Asset Modelling, Level Design

(https://itch.io/profile/qtQt - Asset Modelling, Design

(https://itch.io/profile/the1rush) the1rush - Asset Modelling, Animation

zoltan.bilics - Asset Modelling

(https://itch.io/profile/mrchrisstocker) mrchrisstocker - Music, Voice Recording and Editing

Install instructions

Download the game and unzip the contents, make sure the game data folder is in the same location as the .exe before running.


SuperCut 43 MB

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